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The amazing digital and ink Equil Smartpen

It's hard to beat the feel of pen and paper, especially if you've been using it since your grade school days. The natural feeling of ink on paper can't be beat, but it also can't be stored as easily as a digital document.

That's where the Equil Smartpen comes in. It easily digitizes your handwritten script, and makes it easily editable and accessible. You can get it now for just $129.95.

With this handy smartpen, your handwritten notes don't have to stay in your notebook: you can have the same control over your written text as you do your digital. Using the easy to clip on sensor and the smart pen itself, the Equil Smartpen system records what you write and reproduces it – text, drawings, and all – in a digital format that lets you do everything from change line colors, fonts, edit text, and more.

You can get the Equil Smartpen 2 on sale for just $129.95. That's a savings of 31% off the retail price for a tool that ensures you'll never scan a written note again.