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Nifty MiniDrive for Macbooks

With all the photos, videos, and media files you accumulate on it, your computer's hard drive can quickly fill up. Instead of lugging around a clunky external drive drive, just plug in the Nifty MiniDrive. You can get this convenient accessory on sale now for just $33.99.

This MicroSD card adapter adds up to 200GB of extra space to your Mac without adding any bulk. It plugs into your MacBook via the MicroSD slot, and its aluminum material seamlessly matches that of your Mac's casing. That means it's virtually invisible once it's in, allowing you to easily store more on your laptop in a snap. Best of all, it even integrates with Time Machine to store all your OS backups.

You can get the Nifty MiniDrive on sale for $33.99 (approx. £23), a savings of 15% off the retail price. It's a convenient accessory that you won't want to be without, so grab it today!