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Review: Samsung T3 portable SSD (1TB)

Portable storage ensures you don't lose your important files - and there are few faster than Samsung's T3.

Our Verdict

Fast data transfer, super-portable and futureproof thanks to its USB-C connection, there are few better SSDs around.


  • Fast transfer
  • Small size
  • USB-C connection


  • Three-year warranty is quite short
  • Previous model T1 was arguably faster

We all know the benefits of having a portable storage device – you can back up all your files, and they're usually handy enough to slip into the small utility pocket of a laptop bag or a handbag. However, with the file sizes that designers are used to, truly portable devices can get full rather quickly, and if you want a high-capacity storage device the 'portable' aspect quickly becomes forgotten.

Storage of 1TB capacity and higher is usually in hard disk form, meaning larger, weightier units, slow transfer speeds and unreliablility. And if you want a solid-state drive, these are usually prohibitively expensive, so most will take their chances with lost or corrupt data, or try a subscription cloud-based option.

Samsung has offered a solution in the form of their highly popular T1 portable external storage, and now they have produced the T3 – a tiny solid-state drive with super-fast USB-C connection.

And when we say tiny we mean tiny – it is half the size of my iPhone 6S Plus; in fact its form is remarkably similar to a smartphone's removable battery. You'd be forgiven for double-checking that you'd actually bought a 1TB drive, and frankly incredulous at the same-size 2TB version.

Without getting bogged down in benchmark figures for transfer speeds (there are plenty of reviews for you stat-junkies!), the T3 is very, very fast. It is so quick, that you could even use it to edit your illustrations, photographs and video directly from the drive instead of dragging your file to a computer. It's that quick.

You pay for such speed and versatility of course – £300 is steep for a 1TB drive and you'll question whether the 2TB drive is worth shelling out such a vast sum for. But there is the peace of mind that your files are stored safely rather than in a cloud server (or not backed up at all).

The one issue is that, according to some reports, its write speeds are actually slower than its predecessor the T1. In almost every other way the T3 is an improvement, however, not least its looks, size and weight.

If you store a lot of files and require somewhere to keep hold of them that you can carry around with you at all times, the Samsung T3 could be the drive for you.

Samsung T3 portable SSD (1TB)

The Verdict

out of 10

Samsung T3 portable SSD

Fast data transfer, super-portable and futureproof thanks to its USB-C connection, there are few better SSDs around.

Craig Stewart
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