A guide to Google's web tools

While complete emulation of mobile devices on Chrome is impossible, Device Mode does make your life easier. First of all, click the little smartphone pictogram shown in the top-left corner of the Developer Tools screen. Chrome will adapt the view in a fashion similar to the one shown in the figure.

The combo boxes at the top of the screen enable you to pick various commonly used devices ranging from the old Samsung Galaxy S5 to more recent products such as the iPhone X. Bear in mind that this feature does not switch the actual rendering engine. The browser does its magic purely by adjusting viewport co-ordinates. This limitation also applies to screen rotation, which you enable via the Rotate pictogram in the toolbar.

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Tam Hanna is a software consultant who specialises in the management of carrier and device manufacturer relationships, mobile application distribution and development, design and prototyping of process computers and sensors. He was a regular contributor to Web Designer magazine in previous years, and now occupies his time as the owner of Tamoggemon Software and Computer Software.