Add visual cues to your site

It's annoying for website users to click on a link only to find that the web page isn't of interest, wasting their time. Using a picture in the page background is a great way to give users an indication of what to expect from a link before committing to loading the page. You can see a great example of this technique in use on the Ivan Aivazvsky life site (save any inspiration you gather in cloud storage).

Using the page background can also help dyslexic readers or those who speak English as an additional language. In these cases you can communicate additional information to the user without overloading them with too much text.

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Leon Brown

Leon is a freelance web developer and trainer who assists web developers in creating efficient code for projects. He has worked on front-end and server-side web applications, having taught himself to code using an Amstrad computer in the 1990s. Leon has written an extensive selection of tutorials on web design for Web Designer Magazine and .Net, as well as introductions to programming concepts for beginners.