How to combine Painter's watercolour sets

Corel Painter offers a banquet of watercolour tools. It boasts Digital, Real and Watercolour tool categories, each with a range of brushes. While Real and Watercolour categories require a specialised layer blend mode called Watercolour, the Digital Watercolour will work with other blend modes and consequently tool sets, but it has fewer tools.

I come up with a loose sketch first, flood fill the background layer, duplicate it and set the new layer to either Multiply or Gel. The latter kills the white and gives you a head start on colour. Then simple Water Brush strokes at lower Opacity lay the groundwork. Using that brush, along with the Simple Diffuser, Salt and Gentle Wet Eraser, I work up some tones. I duplicate that layer, then block in the figure with solid colour on a new layer. I then place that layer below the two watercolour layers. 

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English artist Nick Harris switched to a digital canvas in 2000, after 18 years of using traditional media. Most of his work involves creating artwork for children’s books, though he has also dabbled in animation, including some background work on the hit 1988 film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?". He has supplied a wealth of advice and tutorial help for illustrators in ImagineFX magazine.