Modelling a spaceship for gameplay design

With Fractured Space being what it is – a free-to-play team combat game – the ships and their abilities are the stars of the show. Each one has its own personality that's a reflection of its own function, and it's largely my job to craft a design that on the surface visually communicates what that ship's role is.

We have worked very hard to create a universe within the game that exists within the realms of possibility and future science. This appeals to a particular type of sci-fi fan that likes to see realistic designs that are based on function rather than aesthetic. This doesn't mean that aesthetic doesn't drive the conception of a spaceship design; it just means that a stylistic decision has to be justified and not just there because it might look cool. This rule might be bent from time to time but it exists to make sure that the universe remains consistent and purity of the original art direction remains true.

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Alex is lead artist at Edgecase Games. Primarily a weapons and vehicle artist, Alex has previously worked at Crytek and Free Radical Design.