Power up your menus using animation with CSS

It's through animation that we make sense of the world: doors swing open, cars drive to their destinations, lips curl into smiles. Even the things that feel instantaneous, like lightning striking or dropping a phone on your face while using it in bed, happen over time. It's through that motion that we understand how objects relate and function; if they are light or heavy, rigid or loose, connected or separate, sticky or slippery.

On the web, however, we've got used to things appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye. We click on a link and everything changes. It's like being led into a room blindfolded, spinning around a few times, and removing the blindfold to take in the surroundings. You don't even know which door you entered through. This is by and large how most sites are built. We can do better. 

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Tobias Ahlin is based in Stockholm, where he designs and builds things for himself and others. He also teaches at Hyper Island.