The ultimate guide to compositing images in Photoshop

Of all Photoshop projects, compositing images into one fantastic frame is perhaps the most enjoyable and creative pursuit. In this Photoshop tutorial we’ll show you how to shoot, build and finish off convincing Photoshop composites like the image above.

We’ve broken it down into five different stages: selections, refinement, masks, compositing and finishing touches. At each stage you’ll find in-depth advice on the tools and setting used. We’ve created a shaggy, McEnroe-inspired underdog, but you can use a similar workflow to make all kinds of amazing composites – go wherever your imagination takes you!

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James Paterson

James Paterson is an expert in all aspects of the photographic process, from capture to post-processing. He has contributed to numerous photography publications, including Digital Camera, Amateur Photographer, PhotoPlus and NPhoto, and his work has also appeared in Computer Arts magazine as well as several books. He is the editor of Practical Photoshop magazine, and has a well-deserved reputation as an authority on all things Photoshop-related.