Understand the Unity asset import pipeline

Unity asset import pipeline

Unity is one of the world's most popular game engines, responsible for powering hundreds of thousands of games all around the world on over 25 platforms. 

You may already know how easy it is to get started, prototype, iterate and publish to your chosen platform, and over the past few years we have been improving the Unity toolset to be more than a developer or programmer tool. Artists or designers can now use Unity to bring their assets to life, whether they're custom-built or free 3D models, and express their creativity without the bottleneck of needing an experienced coder. With the release of our Webby award-winning demos Adam and Book of the Dead, Unity has shown that it can produce Triple A quality productions in real time.

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Snr Tech Evangelist at Unity. Josh travels the world meeting the amazing Unity community and educating them on new Unity features.