How to create a life drawing with Gesture VR

Inside Gesture VR - image of a picture of a naked lady with virtual controls
(Image credit: Nick Ladd / Gesture VR)

Anybody who has attended an art school is familiar with figure drawing. It’s a fantastic way for students and professionals to sharpen their skills. But for many, life drawing can be expensive and hard to commit to. In addition, some cities may not have access to good classes, and some people may feel pressured drawing around others. 

Gesture VR is a new virtual reality app that enables artists to practise life drawing at home. Artists can draw in 2D on virtual paper, in 3D space, and in mixed reality using the headset cameras to superimpose the model into the real world. As technology advances, more and more traditional artists are starting to venture into the 3D and VR worlds. Gesture VR was created as a way to bridge that gap.

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Nick Ladd

Nick is a VR artist with a history in illustration and 3D animation. He first created Gesture VR to make life drawing a more accessible hobby.