How to use Procreate to rework old sketches

Use Procreate to rework old sketches; a painting of an alien warrior
(Image credit: Rafael Sarmento)

I use Procreate to rework old sketches, and in this Procreate tutorial I will share how you can too. I’m pretty sure we can all relate to the infamous, 'unfinished' folder that’s buried deep down in your computer. Yes, that digital abyss filled with sketches, half-baked illustrations and ideas that we didn’t finish for one reason or another. For me, the folder isn't an artwork grave, but rather a limbo for potential illustrations.

From time to time, when I'm not in the best of moods, or it's one of those gloomy afternoons when I'm just feeling lazy, I spend time browsing through those files. I look for some older ideas that I still like, and then recycle them into something new – and Procreate is a great app for doing this work. (You'll need an iPad to use Procreate as it's exclusive to Apple, read guide to the best iPad for drawing to see which is best for you.) Some of the advice below is universal, so if you're using one of the best drawing tablets and Photoshop it'll still be useful.

headshot photograph of Creative Bloq contributor Rafael Sarmento
Rafael Sarmento

Rafa is an internationally published illustrator, with clients including Universal Pictures, Wizards of the Coast and Riot Games. With work that inhabits the space between the baroque and the urban, fantasy and sci-fi, he creates storytelling-driven paintings for clients from all over the world.

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Rafael Sarmento

Rafa is an illustrator, character designer and cover artist for the entertainment industry. Also, he’s a pizza addict.

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