5 new illustrations from our FREE app Design Spring

Here's the latest sample of what our FREE iPad app, Design Spring, has to offer. Below you'll find just five of the imaginative illustrations we're adding to the app every day to provide you with a daily dose of design inspiration!

It's not just about illustration either - you'll also find graphic design work, typography, 3D work, and more on our free app, which offers zoom functionality and a search facility so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Whether you’re a designer looking for inspiration, an art director trying to find someone to commission, or you just like looking at fabulous imagery, Design Spring will have something for you. So come on, download it today!

Jean-Maurice Damour

Jean Maurice Damour s Deployed

Jean-Maurice Damour's Deployed

Jean-Maurice Damour is a French illustrator based in Lyon. He has developed the skills you see above by working in different positions as graphic designer and photo-retoucher between Paris and London.

Jade Alexandra Spranklen

Jade Alexandra Spranklen

Jade Alexandra Spranklen's Cygnett - iPad

Jade Alexandra Spranklen is an illustrator based in London, whose work includes Shellsuit Zombie Magazine and Furious Kights Agency. Her creation won the 'Most Creative Design Award' in Cygnett Design's recent iPad Case competition.

Paula Bedoya

Paula Bedoya s Dans le Monde

Paula Bedoya's Dans le Monde

Paula Bedoya is a graphic designer from Medellin, Colombia. She says on her About.me page: "I like to do typography games, the letters have their own language." Yeah!

Natalie Hughes

Natalie Hughes s Death Valley

Natalie Hughes's Death Valley

Natalie Hughes is an illustrator living and working in Bristol, UK. She works freelance designing greetings cards, children’s illustrations and exhibition work. She also produces and sells her own hand made products and prints.

Emily Bakes

Emily Bakes s Cat on a Mat

Emily Bakes's Cat on a Mat

Emily Bakes is a freelance illustrator from Hackney, London. She draws detailed pen and ink illustrations using fineliner pens and super smooth bristol board, which she then scans and colours digitally. She likes to draw a whole range of subjects, from fruit and vegetables to Communist dictators.

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