The art of the EU referendum

EU referendum art

Gruffalo artist Axel Scheffler created an image for the Guardian to demonstrate his support for Britain remaining in the EU

Unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere, you'll know that yesterday the UK voted on whether to remain part of the EU. And in the early hours of today, in an historic referendum, it was revealed that 51.9 per cent of voters opted to leave.

For the past few months, the EU referendum has been an a hot topic of discussion for many. But while everyone's been busy talking it, designers and artists around the globe have been expressing their views much more visually – creating some truly stunning artwork. Here's some of the best EU referendum art we saw in the build up...

EU referendum art

Editorial cartoonist for the International New York Times Patrick Chappatte posted this illustration on Twitter back in February

"It’s time for Great Britain to escape from the disaster that is the European Union," says comic artist Ben Garrison

Ben Javens and Marion Deuchars set up the Remain Positive project urging pro-remain artists to design and contribute an image reflecting their views

Political mag Spectator's cover clearly conveys its 'Out – and into the world' message

Illustrator Veronica Dearly makes her opinion clear with this 'love not leave' drawing

Illustrator John Bond visualises where he stood on the debate...

..with these two illustrations

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