Smiths lyrics get their own book jacket designs

Thornley has breathed new life into snatches of Smiths lyrics with these clever illustrations

We're all big fans of iconic 1980s Manchester indie band The Smiths at Creative Bloq. So these faux book-jacket illustrations by Raid71, aka fellow Mancunian Chris Thornley, have gone right up our flagpole.

The colours, typography and overall feel of the illustrations emulate the style of classic Penguin book covers from the 50s and 60s - which is appropriate considering The Smiths' album covers also borrowed heavily from the design iconography of that era.

The illustrations are true to the spirit of the original lyrics

Thornley's jacket designs are based on snatches of lyrics from famous Smiths songs - namely "I am the son and the heir" from How Soon is Now, "Idle hands from What difference does it make? and "Will nature make a man of me yet?" from This Charming Man.

Manchester-based Thornley's work has appeared in exhibitions across the globe in both solo and group shows, and has been published in countless magazines and newspapers. His poster art is available for sale on his Big Cartel store.

The glasses icon is genius - instantly bringing to mind the NHS glasses made fashionable by Smiths singer Morrissey

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