The infographic to end all infographics

This infographic hits the parts other infographics cannot reach

We're big fans of data visualization at Creative Bloq, and we're constantly on the look at for cool examples of infographics. But this one's new on us - an infographic about infographics!

Okay, so Neo Mam Studios may not be the first agency to have this idea, but what they've come up with is beautifully designed and brilliantly executed. An online experience built with HTML5 and CSS3, you can check it out in all its interactive glory here.

The research is all sound and backed up with sources

"The parallax scrolling effects were probably the most difficult to achieve," says Neo Mam's Danny Ashton. "Our developers looked at the available libraries and described them as a bit 'wonky', so they ended up creating their own instead."

Besides that, says Ashton, the challenge in building the infographic was to keep the CSS as simple as possible. "We wanted a smooth, user-friendly experience," Ashton explains. "That was more important to us that doing loads of 'tricks'."

Effects are subtle, but all the more effective for it

As well as the style of the infographic, Ashton is keen to focus on the content. "A lot of the research in this area is a bit shoddy," he says. "But this is really good research: and we've included all the sources at the end to back everything up."

Overall, what we love about this infographic experience is the attention to detail, from the subtle animation effects to the fact that each piece of information is individually tweetable.

We hope other agencies follow suit - then perhaps one day we'll be reviewing an infographic about infographic about infographics...

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