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What can you do with a degree in graphic design?

graphic design infographic

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When finishing up your design degree, it's daunting to think what career path lies ahead. It's difficult to figure out just how to get a career in graphic design but this helpful guide is one of the best infographics we've come across when it comes to graphic design career advice (click on the image above to see it in all its glory).

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Courtesy of, the infographic offers an insight into an often confusing situation, with a look at the different mediums you can work with, who hires graphic designers and where you can earn the most. It also looks at careers related to graphic design in case you want to spread your creative wings a little further.

The simple layout and strong use of colour enables you to obtain all the information you need in one fell swoop. The facts and figures are geared towards the US, but designers everywhere should find it useful. Check it out and hopefully life after your degree won't seem so scary.

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