10 wedding fonts to make the big day extra special

When it comes to tying the knot, there's a lot of stress to make sure that every single detail of the wedding day is absolutely perfect. With so much to keep track of, choosing the best font for your invites and place settings can often get pushed down the list. This shouldn't be the case – after all, you want something tasteful but not too bland, that ties in with the look and feel of your wedding.

To make life easier for those organising the big day, we've put together a list of 10 wedding fonts that are sure to impress friends, family, and even the in-laws. Simply download and type away for gorgeous wedding paraphernalia. 

01. Paper

Who could resist this chunky paper cut font?

Format: OTF

Kicking off our list is this charming Paper font made by Behance user Amy Cox. Every single letter has been cut out with real scissors to produce a quirky font complete with filled-in counters. With its resemblance to confetti shapes, this playful font will add a dash of personality to any wedding ceremony. Download it free for personal use from Cox's Behance page (affordable commercial licenses are available too, wedding businesses will be pleased to hear).

02. Limon

The complete Limon package includes 16 styles

Format: OTF

Thanks to its fluid shoulder shapes and squiggly lobes, Limon is a zesty font that would be perfectly suited to a spring or summer wedding. Hand-drawn by Sabrina Mariela Lopez, this detailed font took 18 months to design. The hard work has paid off, though, as Limon looks stunning. The 16 fonts can be yours to download for £128.99.

03. Blend

We think the Blend creators might be coffee fans...

Format: OTF

In the world of coffee, a blend is a mix of beans that work together to produce a balanced taste. The creators of this font have applied the same logic to typography, and the result is a bouncing informal script that would look right at home on invites and table settings. Made up of 21 fonts, you can download Blend for £114.99.

04. Guess

Guess includes a lower and uppercase style

Format: OTF

Fun fonts are all well and good, but what if you need to impress the grownups? Don't panic, Guess could be just what you're looking for. This versatile and elegant script font is packed with class and style that's sure to raise the eyebrows of even the most picky of guests. Designed by Veneta Rangelova, you can download the 16 fonts in this set for £107.99.

05. Goodlife

Even this font's name is wishing the happy couple all the best

Format: OTF

Speaking of versatile fonts, the Goodlife family includes seven different styles that are "optimised to feel not just like a font but like true hand lettering". Designed by Hannes von Döhren (not Tom and Barbara from the BBC series), Goodlife is capable of handling the most complex typography challenges you can throw at it. Get your hands on the 7 Goodlife fonts for £74.99.

06. Burgues Script

This font is an ode to one of the most renowned calligraphers

Format: OTF

Sometimes you just need to play it straight and go for a font that turns the classy up to 11. Burgues Script does just that, and designer Alejandro Paul delivers a flowing font inspired by the 19th century calligrapher Louis Madarasz. Download the single font for £78.99.

07. Storyteller

Perfect for couples starting the next chapter of their life

Format: OTF

Script fonts really are the order of the day at weddings, but Storyteller delivers a playful variation on the theme. This family contains 33 fonts in total, and each one has been lovingly handwritten, hand-traced and developed by designer Elena Genova. Compatible with any software, this family is topped off with ligatures and contextual alternates. Download the full set for £103.

08. Felt That

Get to the point with Felt That

Format: OTF, TT

Looking for a script font that's stylish but still has its feet on the ground? Meet Felt That, a family that was hand drawn with a bullet-tipped marker by designer Jess Latham. It might be more straightforward than some of the more whimsical entries we've seen, but that doesn't mean that Felt That hasn't got an appeal all of its own. Download the single font for the bargain price of £28.99.

09. Bambusa Pro

This font owes its name to a bamboo pen

Format: OTF

Described as a "sturdy expressive modern calligraphy family", this set of four fonts has a unique ink-stroke aesthetic that comes from the Bambusa bamboo pen that designer Hanneke Classen used to make it. This distinctive font could give wedding messages an exotic twist thanks to its unusual spacing, accented characters and Ornaments (a set of twirly glyphs). Download the four fonts for £34.99.

10. ITC Edwardian Script

This classy family is a safe pair of hands

Format: OTF, TT

Finishing off our list is ITC Edwardian Script, a straight down the line fancy font that doesn't skimp on character, designed by Edward Benguiat. Flaunting its flourishes in every letter, this family of two fonts is a safe choice if you want to give your wedding invites a touch of class and sophistication. Grab them both for £41.99.

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