41 best Tumblr blogs for designers

23. The Backmatter

Backmatter's posts offer more depth than your usual Tumblr fare

Backmatter's posts offer more depth than your usual Tumblr fare

This isn't your average image blog. Built to showcase exciting design projects, The Backmatter goes nice and deep with plenty of high res images for each project and thoughtful, often lengthy write-ups.

24. Women of Graphic Design

best tumblr blogs for designers

A design blog aimed at sparking discussion about the design industry

This is a blog dedicated to exhibiting design work by women in the graphic design field. It is meant to be a source for learning and sharing, and ultimately, a platform to spark discussion. Started as part of Tori Hinn’s degree project in 2013, its aim is to evolve into a project bigger than a degree project – a project that can reach and involve an entire design community, made up of many voices.

25. Graphic Design & Tattoos

best tumblr blogs

Combine your love of graphic design and tattoos with this clever tumblr blog

Curated by designer Marc Ostlund, Graphic Design & Tattoos showcases the crossover between the two creative disciplines. If you just want to look at the tattoos or the graphic design images, Ostlund has provided some handy tabs at the bottom of the page.

26. Gura Fiku

tumblr blogs for designers

Gura Fiku documents Japanese graphic design over time

Here's something a bit different. Curated by designer Ryan Hageman, Gura Fiku – which is how Japanese people pronounce the word 'graphic' – documents Japanese graphic design over time, and catalogues the differences, and crossovers, between eastern and western approaches to graphic design. It's inspiring and enlightening.

27. Posters of Berlin

Best Tumblr blogs: Graphic-Porn

Posters of Berlin

Set up by UX designer Anna Weiss, Posters of Berlin follows the simple premise of showcasing posters that Weiss found in the streets of Berlin – both commercial and by street artists. 

"This is simply a platform that collects the visual footprints of culture left on our beloved city for your viewing pleasure," says Weiss, who has lived in Dublin and Berlin, but is now based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

28. Nice Type

tumblr blogs: nice type

Nice type! Yeah, you're welcome, cheers

If you like your typography to move then Nice Type is a splendid source of inspiration. It's curated by Matthew Buchanan, who scours Vimeo for the best examples of motion typography and kinetic type animation, and posts them on this great-looking Tumblr.

29. Typostrate

Tumblr blogs for designers

See what you can do with the endless array of typography out there

Typography is everywhere and like most creatives, we love to see it in all its glory. Typostrate is a blog linked to a slick website about type and the endless array of things you can do with it. Showcasing the passion and power of typography, the blog's content and pictures are taken care of by Christian Goldemann.

30. TypeToy

Tumblr blogs for designers TypeToy

All the type inspiration you could want

Curated by Aaron Eiland, TypeToy is an archive of graphical finds from all over the place, with minimal descriptions. The blog features a mixture of retro and contemporary design, with bold typography key to many of the posts.

31. Font Police

Tumblr blogs for designers: Font-Police

Who made you the Font Police?

Oh, how others can get it so wrong with fonts. Here, the Font Police gets it right with a dig at those cringe-worthy offenders that make even the most laid-back scream at the screen in astonishment.

Most typographers would never dream of committing such horrific crimes but do yourself a favour and check this out before you get designing. This is one blog you wouldn't want to be featured on!

32. Type worship

Tumblr blogs for designers Type Worship

Type takes a spiritual note here

One of the largest type and lettering blogs, with a following of over 230,000 type enthusiasts, Type Worship is also now a Kickstarter-funded book. It's run by former head of design at Microsoft-turned-typographer Jamie Clarke, who has a fair few strings to his bow.

As Tumblr blogs go, this is a cracker, and Type Worship showcases Clarke's love of all things typography (and he picks some really good ones) as well as reviews and interviews with typography designers. 

33. Clients from hell

Tumblr blogs for designers: Clients From Hell

Can you change the colour, type, size? Gotta love nightmare clients

Working as a designer, it's inevitable that you're going to run into some difficult clients. If you reach the point of wanting to tear your hair out, take a look at the first site in our best Tumblr blogs list: Clients From Hell. Set up by a collective of designers, this Tumblr showcases some of the best client horror stories.

Ranging from the unpaid to the plain unbelievable, Clients From Hell will have you laughing in astonishment. Our favourite?

  • CLIENT: I can't pay you.
  • ME: Why?
  • CLIENT: Because my client hasn't paid me.
  • ME: I can see how that could be frustrating.

34. Field Study

Tumblr blogs for designers: Field Study

There's a range of inspiration here

Field Study is a Tumblr blog created by NYC based product/UX/UI designer and illustrator Keenan Cummings. Often posting about works in progress, it's a great insight into the life of a working designer.

As it's also completely unedited and personal, Field Study is truer to life than most. If you're looking for a range of inspiration, interviews and openly honest commentary, then Field Study is the place for you.

35. Happy Web Design

Tumblr blogs for designers: Happy Web Design

Maxence regularly updates with some fine examples of cutting-edge web design

French graphic designer Maxence Diveu specialises in brand visual identities, art direction, print edition and web design, and it's the latter that forms the focus of this Tumblr blog. If you want some ideas about what's hot on the web right now, head this way for a bit of inspiration.

36. The Perfect Grid

the perfect grid tumblr

Let's hope Clement never finds the perfect grid and has to stop posting

Is there really such a thing as the perfect grid? Find out here; The Perfect Grid showcases beautifully-arranged websites, apps and UI elements, and it's curated by Clement, a graphic designer and art director based in Paris.

37. Internet K-Hole

interent k- hole website

Punks, goths, skaters, metalheads, crimping and random grot; save it for when you get home

Previously hosted on Blogger where it earned a bit of a reputation for its astonishingly long posts of found imagery and occasional grot from around the 1980s, the Internet K-Hole moved to Tumblr a few years ago. Tumblr's limit of 10 images per post lessens its impact a bit, but on the plus side it's updated a lot more regularly and still gets unexpectedly fruity and NSFW.

38. Photojojo

Tumblr blogs for designers Photojojo

Photojojo shows you things you haven't already seen

Photojojo, the store that sells gear for the modern photographer, also run this cool Tumblr blog, which shows off cool photography related projects.

If you're tired of looking at generic photography sites then Photojojo is definitely worth taking a look at. The team manage to find some of the weirdest and most wonderful work from around the world, so you're sure to find some ideas on how to really stretch your imagination.

39. Lomography

Tumblr blogs for designers

Love Lomography? Check this Tumblr out

The official Tumblr home of the Lomographic Society International is packed with stunning Lomographic snapshots. Have a scroll for some instant inspiration – and you can submit your own Lomographs too.

40. Megan McIsaac

Tumblr blogs for designers: megan-kathleen-mcisaac.

Stunning photography here

This is the photo journal of professional photographer Megan Kathleen McIsaac, and showcases Megan's work and life as a photographer.

There are no tiny, watermarked photos here, with all the pics presented in a large enough format to appreciate the skill that's gone into their creation. The minimalist theme really enables Megan's work to jump off the screen. It's a great example of what can be achieved with Tumblr.

41. Eatsleepdraw

Best Tumblr blogs: EatSleepDrawdrop

The perfect Tumblr to visit for inspiration

Presented as an online art gallery, Eat Sleep Draw brings you huge amounts of inspirational illustration and art each week. Updated on an almost hourly basis, if the best Tumblr blogs were decided on frequency of posting, it would be a clear winner. 

In fact, it's easy to find yourself 30 pages into this Tumblr blog and suddenly wonder where the last two hours went (and why you're behind on that article you should have submitted over an hour ago).

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