63 best Tumblr blogs for designers

29. The Backmatter

Backmatter's posts offer more depth than your usual Tumblr fare

Backmatter's posts offer more depth than your usual Tumblr fare

This isn't your average image blog. Built to showcase exciting design projects, The Backmatter goes nice and deep with plenty of high res images for each project and thoughtful, often lengthy write-ups.

30. Women of Graphic Design

best tumblr blogs for designers

A design blog aimed at sparking discussion about the design industry

This is a blog dedicated to exhibiting design work by women in the graphic design field. It is meant to be a source for learning and sharing, and ultimately, a platform to spark discussion. Started as part of Tori Hinn’s degree project in 2013, its aim is to evolve into a project bigger than a degree project – a project that can reach and involve an entire design community, made up of many voices.

31. Cutting Edge Logos

best tumblr blogs for designers

Poking fun at those 'cutting edge' logos

"How to design a logo? 
Set the name in a retail typeface
, cut off some corners in Illustrator
 and cash a big check," says this Tumblr blog entitled Cutting Edge Logos. The blog pokes fun at some of the world's biggest logos that have simply 'cut the edges'.

32. Inspiring Ethan

best tumblr blogs

Ethan Daniel Kociela collates beautiful examples of graphic design

Ethan Daniel Kociela is a freelance graphic designer and web designer from Montague, Massachusetts. When he's not creating new works for a load of new clients, he collates beautiful examples of graphic design in this brilliant Tumblr blog. Kociela also runs another Tumblr called WTF Getty, full of hilariously odd stock images.

33. Graphic Design & Tattoos

best tumblr blogs

Combine your love of graphic design and tattoos with this clever tumblr blog

Curated by designer Marc Ostlund, Graphic Design & Tattoos showcases the crossover between the two creative disciplines. If you just want to look at the tattoos or the graphic design images, Ostlund has provided some handy tabs at the top of the page.

34. Gura Fiku

tumblr blogs for designers

Gura Fiku documents Japanese graphic design over time

Here's something a bit different. Curated by designer Ryan Hageman, Gura Fiku – which is how Japanese people pronounce the word 'graphic' – documents Japanese graphic design over time, and catalogues the differences, and crossovers, between eastern and western approaches to graphic design. It's inspiring and enlightening.

35. Posters of Berlin

Best Tumblr blogs: Graphic-Porn

Posters of Berlin

Set up by UX designer Anna Weiss, Posters of Berlin follows the simple premise of showcasing posters that Weiss found in the streets of Berlin – both commercial and by street artists. 

"This is simply a platform that collects the visual footprints of culture left on our beloved city for your viewing pleasure," says Weiss, who has lived in Dublin and Berlin, but is now based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

36. We and the Color

Best Tumblr blogs: WE-AND-THE-COLOR

We and the Color has a smashing layout

We and the Color is a creative outlet for showcasing the very best in graphic design, illustration and art inspiration. The Tumblr proves that you can find creative ideas in just about anything as they post about architecture, fashion and photography. The layout of the site is easy to use, with external links and useful websites for a creative in any field.

Other pages: design curation, typography, career, web design, photography and illustration.