63 best Tumblr blogs for designers

46. Clients from hell

Tumblr blogs for designers: Clients From Hell

Can you change the colour, type, size? Gotta love nightmare clients

Working as a designer, it's inevitable that you're going to run into some difficult clients. If you reach the point of wanting to tear your hair out, take a look at the first site in our best Tumblr blogs list: Clients From Hell. Set up by a collective of designers, this Tumblr showcases some of the best client horror stories.

Ranging from the unpaid to the plain unbelievable, Clients From Hell will have you laughing in astonishment. Our favourite?

  • CLIENT: I can't pay you.
  • ME: Why?
  • CLIENT: Because my client hasn't paid me.
  • ME: I can see how that could be frustrating.

47. Field Study

Tumblr blogs for designers: Field Study

There's a range of inspiration here

Field Study is a Tumblr blog created by NYC based product/UX/UI designer and illustrator Keenan Cummings. Often posting about works in progress, it's a great insight into the life of a working designer.

As it's also completely unedited and personal, Field Study is truer to life than most. If you're looking for a range of inspiration, interviews and openly honest commentary, then Field Study is the place for you.

Other pages: design curation, graphic design, typography, web design, photography and illustration.