Black Mirror gets a cult comic book makeover


Having started life on Channel 4 before moving to Netflix, Black Mirror has become a cult hit thanks to its disturbing storylines centred around technology. Written by comedy genius Charlie Brooker, the dystopian episodes see cartoon characters become political leaders, anonymous trolls holding people to ransom, and social media becoming a form of currency.

It's this dark humour that clearly appeals to art director Butcher Billy, as his latest series of illustrations focus on the series. With an art style not too dissimilar to those found on vintage posters, this range of illustrations imagine how Black Mirror might look if it was an old school comic book from the 70s.

Complete with a retro title font, plus a classic comic book date and price layout, these illustrations wouldn't look out of place as covers on the newsstand. This project is a work in progress, with eight of the 13 episodes currently available to buy as posters, mugs, furniture covers and more on Butcher Billy's Behance page.

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Sometimes Black Mirror can be uplifting. Don't get used to it
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Is the episode where the UK prime minister has intercourse with a pig a case of art imitating life?
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Creator Charlie Brooker planned to write a sequel to this episode
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Technology turns people into blinkered soldiers in Men Against Fire
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In The Waldo Moment, a parody of a politician takes control. Imagine that
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Would you watch through your whole history if you had the chance?
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Black Mirror has a knack for tapping into contemporary concerns
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We give this poster series a five star rating

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