Vintage travel posters celebrate world's lost wildlife

When thinking about your next holiday destination, it's standard practise to flick through the pages of a guidebook to find out more about the place you plan to visit. But very rarely do you think about the things you can no longer see there –and that is the premise for this beautiful new vintage poster series, Unknown Tourism

Created by Expedia UK, Unknown Tourism showcases some of the world's lost wildlife through a set of beautiful vintage-style posters, inspired by the air travel advertisements of the 1930s to 1950s. To accompany the posters, the design team also came up with a tag line imagining what it would be like to go and see these animals in real life: 

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Costa Rica: "Discover the Golden Toad, a National Treasure"
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Tasmania: "Earn Your Stripes, See the Thylacine"
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Mauritius: "Meet the Dodo, Our Friendliest Resident"
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Alaska: "Go Glacial with the Steller's Sea Cow"
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New Zealand: "Walk with the Moa in the Land of Giants"
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Jamaica: "The Gem of the Tropics, Home of the Giant Galliwasp"