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WATCH THIS! An animated history of Lego

Starting out in 1932, Lego has gone on to become the world's best known design toys manufacturer. The simple plastic brick turned children's imaginations into reality and Lego is now one of the most beloved toys in the world.

It's amazing how far it's come; Lego's even taken over the video games industry with its hugely successful Star Wars releases spawning a franchise.

Toymaker's struggles

To recognise 80 years of toy creation, Lego has created this 17 minute animation which illustrates its history and evolution. It describes the life and struggles of Danish toymaker Ole Kirk Christiansen, who created the company along with his son Godtfred.

The story is told from the perspective of current owner Kjed, who also happens to be Godtfred's son.

What's in a name?

Everyone is sure to learn something from the video; for example, the name Lego was derived from the Danish for 'play well' - 'leg godt'. Incidentally, Lego also means 'I put together' in Latin!

The fact that the company also survived two factory fires should also evoke some passion and inspiration in us all.

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What do you think Lego have done for the world of design? Do you have a favourite Lego design? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments box below!