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Life-size Lego forest!

Lego forest

How cool is this? This isn’t a child-sized toy set: it’s actually a life-sized LEGO forest in the Australian Outback!

It’s made up of 15 pine trees, and 15 flower sets, all 66 times bigger than their design toys counterpart – making the trees a whopping 4m high.

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The iconic toy brick company has built this amazing creation in Living Desert State Park, a 2400ha reserve more than 700 miles west of Sydney, as part of its 50-year anniversary celebration.

Lego forest

We'd love to have a Lego forest in our back garden!

Each element has been made from a combination of medium-density fibreboard and metal, created by a company in Melbourne. The display will run from July 2-12 and LEGO is planning further surprise "plantings" later in the year.

The trees were first showcased in central Sydney back in April, greeting stunned commuters on their way to work, but we reckon the red dust plains and blue skies of New South Wales are a far better perfect backdrop for these LEGO wonders.

What would you like to see turned into life-sized LEGO structures? Let us know in the comments...