Microsoft unveils new logo

The new logo unveiled today by Microsoft

After a quarter of a century, Microsoft has finally treated itself to a new logo design. And it points clearly to the future path it's laid out for itself as it fights threats to its decades-long dominance.

The old logo now looks decidedly dated

Gone is the chunky bold type of old, with its now-dated "go faster" slant. And in comes new, slimmed down lettering based on Microsoft's preferred Segoe font.

Windows tiles

Most significantly, the new logo incorporates the Windows colours, in the form of four neat square tiles. This is a clear nod to the Metro operating system, Microsoft's great white hope, which has now been renamed Windows UI.

This aims to bring together its diverse range of products - Windows 8 PCs, Surface tablets, Windows Phones and Xbox 360 - into a more unified and interdependent offering.

Microsoft's brave new world broken down into its component sections

Unified offering

The release of the new logo comes as Microsoft prepares to release new versions of nearly all its products – such as Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and the next version of Office.

The company will roll the new identity out on its website, ad campaigns and stores, starting with stores in Boston, Seattle’s University Village and Bellevue, Washington.

Watch this! Microsoft unveils a new look

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