New 'permanent' Yahoo logo finally unveiled

New logo: Cleaned up while retaining many familiar elements

Yahoo has finally unveiled its new logo design. If you think you've heard this one before, you're half right - the search company has spent the last month running an unusual campaign to say the least.

'30 Days of Change' has seen Yahoo release a new logo every day, which it used across its properties for precisely 24 hours, before replacing it with another one. You can see all 29 'daily logos' here. All these logos were meant to drum up excitement and enthusiasm for a new 'permanent' logo, which has finally been released today (above).

The new logo uses the font Optima and the colour Pantone Violet C. It's a much cleaner design compared to the original, while retaining elements such as the exclamation mark, the slightly enlarged second 'O' and the purple colour that's been in place since 2009.

OLD LOGO: The dancing letters of old are gone

There's a video explaining the thinking behind the new logo here.

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