New logo unveiled for New Zealand capital

NEW LOGO: A modern type treatment and new brand colours for the New Zealand city

This is the new logo design for New Zealand's capital, designed as part of the Destination Wellington project, which aims to promote the city as a place to do business.

Masterminded by Wellington City Council, with the help of paint company Resene, the rebranding exercise involved the creation of specific brand colours - Absolutely Yellow and Positively Black - as distinct from the black and gold of the Wellington rugby team.

This is being described as a way for residents to own the brand, by letting them use the paints in their own homes and businesses.

OLD LOGO: The traditional script approach of old is gone

However, not everyone in the city is happy about the new design. Many have claimed it looks like a church logo, while Jack Yan, who ran for mayor earlier this year and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Brand Management wrote: "It comes across as a cosmetic alteration, applying lipstick to the bulldog." However, he added that it was an improvement on the old logo (above) which he said was "unworkable in destination marketing and lacked appeal".


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