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Minimal website proves functional can be beautiful

Mailbox opener

The Mailbox site had to reflect the functional design of the app itself

Mailbox is a new app created to help organise your email. The site provides details about the app through a modern, clean aesthetic.

Developer Kevin Ewe says the team wanted the site to reflect the look and feel of the product. "Like the Mailbox app design, the site is clean, minimal and uses colour in a functional way. With fewer elements to worry about, you can focus on the details."

Content is easy to read and find throughout. Border-radius, box-shadows and crisp fonts are some of the well-picked details applied to create this look. "We love CSS3 and all of the new possibilities it creates for bringing things to life on the web," says Ewe. We're right there with him.

Mailbox 2

This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 241.

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