Watch the digital landscape evolve through these stunning short films

This year marks a milestone for OFFF Barcelona (opens in new tab). It's the 15th anniversary of the epic three-day design conference, and plans are in place to make it a party to remember.

Over the past 15 years the crew have invited some of the industry's most exciting creative names – new and established – to create the main titles for the three-day design fiesta: Gmunk, Joshua Davis, Julien Vallee, The Mill, Postpanic, the list goes on…

A lot's changed in the last decade and a half. New tools, technology and trends have revolutionised the digital landscape, as OFFF's archive stands testament to.

Like a 15-year timelapse, the titles make for fascinating viewing, charting the rise and fall of Flash and capturing moments of motion brilliance crafted around the world.

We've collected some of the most interesting ones here for you to look back through…

2014: The Mill

Creative director Ash Thorp joined forces with musician and filmmaker Anthony Scott Burns to transform OFFF Barcelona's main titles into a stunning short film (opens in new tab), and it was a bumper year for OFFF on Tour.

Audiences at OFFF St Petersburg 2014 were treated to Skazka, The Mill (opens in new tab)’s experimental fusion of dance, watercolour and oil suspension reactions (above), while GMUNK (opens in new tab) and Autofuzz intergrated behind-the-scenes footage with handcrafted props to create a slick set of main titles for OFFF Cincinnati 2014 (below).

2013: From Form

In 2013, Dutch film and design studio From Form (opens in new tab) made their title debut through a magical collaboration with Part of Something for OFFF Barcelona. Check out the soundtrack on Jorinna Scherle (opens in new tab)’s dramatic main titles for OFFF Mexico 2013 (opens in new tab), and Onur Senturk (opens in new tab)’s visuals for OFFF Cincinnati 2013 (opens in new tab) are also worth a watch.

2012: Brosmind and Upper First

Brosmind (opens in new tab) and Upper First’s epic short for OFFF Barcelona’s 2012 main titles – above – mixed cinema with 2D and 3D animation.

But 2012 also saw Snask (opens in new tab) and Brikk (opens in new tab) let loose their unique flavour of creativity for OFFF Lille’s main titles (opens in new tab), and Rob Chiu (opens in new tab) competed a trilogy for OFFF on Tour with a coming-of-age tale for OFFF Mexico, titled Once, When We Were Young (opens in new tab). HelloHikimori (opens in new tab), meanwhile, took on OFFF Istanbul (opens in new tab).

2011: PostPanic and Si Scott

Written by Mischa Rozema and British graphic designer Si Scott (opens in new tab), PostPanic (opens in new tab)’s dark OFFF Barcelona 2011 main titles (above) were shot on location in Prague, with post carried out back in Amsterdam. Spanish studio Vasava (opens in new tab) paid homage to the craft of creativity with a beautiful set of main titles for OFFF Cincinnati 2011 (opens in new tab).

2010: Julien Vallée

2010 saw The Mill creating underwater magic (opens in new tab) for OFFF Paris, while Julien Vallée (opens in new tab)’s hand can clearly be seen in the OFFF Paris 2010 sponsors titles, above.

2009: Kyle Cooper

Prologue (opens in new tab)'s Kyle Cooper, Ilya Abulhanov and Elizabeth Newman combined stunning cinematography with strong type and minimalist graphic forms to create a mysterious sequence, set in a guerrilla future, for OFFF Barcelona 2009.

2008: Rob Chiu and Chris Hewitt

In 2008, Rob Chiu and Chris Hewitt (opens in new tab) returned to build on the success of their 2007 titles for OFFF New York (below) with the opening titles for OFFF Lisbon (above).

2007: Sintelevision

Sintelevision (opens in new tab) used 3D anaglyph techniques in their 2007 OFFF Barcelona opening titles…

2006: Dvein

And here’s one of 2006’s open titles, created by talented Spanish studio Dvein (opens in new tab).

2005: Re*Nascent

Dutch motion designer Joost Korngold, aka Re*Nascent (opens in new tab), designed OFFF’s first ever open titles in 2005.

2004: Inksurge

In 2004, Manilla-based studio Inksurge (opens in new tab) created this experimental short film One Sip At A Time, which the team debuted at OFFF.

2003: Yoshi Sodeoka

Amit Pitaru (opens in new tab), Tetsu Kondo and James Patterson (opens in new tab) made Wind (opens in new tab), in 2003, and multidisciplinary artist and musician Yoshi Sodeoka (opens in new tab) created Remix 4000, which was later published in a DVD.

2002: Wences Sanz

After being invited to generate content for OFFF 2002’s video installation, GMUNK created three experimental pieces (opens in new tab) "for the love of OFFF and what it stands for". Meanwhile, Wences Sanz (opens in new tab) created DMSTK DV1 (above).

2001: WDDG

And finally, kicking things off for the first time is a plethora of work that premiered at OFFF 2001. WDDG (opens in new tab)’s classic CG piece Anamorph (above), Vir2L v4 (opens in new tab) - "the version than never went live" and GMUNK’s Areo Coagulum (opens in new tab), a short film inspired by London culture.

Roll on May 2015 to find out what OFFF Barcelona 2015 has in store. Head over to the OFFF website (opens in new tab) for speaker and ticket information.

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