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Treatment trailer for Wonder Woman is out of this world

Over the past few years, we've been treated to Marvel and DC Comics delights including Batman, Avengers Assemble, Thor and Superman. Sadly, the ladies of the comic universe don't seem to get the same raucous reception from cinema goers and Los Angeles production / post company Rainfall films have decided to do something about it.

The live action interpretation of Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman, is a teaser of what could happen if a film studio were to fund and release the film. "We spent the majority of 2013 working on this - the look, the feel, the aspects we most wanted to portray," Rainfall films explain. "It's a scant two and half minutes, but in the end, it's one hundred and fifty seconds of pure fantasy".

As a crusader in a man's world, and a paragon of virtue told through Greek mythology, Wonder Woman could well be another superhero movie hit. But do you think it could work?

Find out more over on the Rainfall films website.

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