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€110K prize money for semantic web app

IKS is calling on semantic boffins to exploit their tech

IKS is calling on semantic boffins to exploit their tech

Open source community Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) is offering five large lumps of investment in a contest to design a semantic web app.

IKS is a project partly funded by the EU that works on building an open technology platform that integrates with CMSes to deliver semantic web functionality. Finished integrations already exist for some of the big CMSes, including WordPress, Drupal Nuxeo, Confluence, and Alfresco.

IKS wants developers to come up with exciting ideas to make use of their semantic technology, because a lot of the coolest things they've made are currently hidden away or under-utilised.

“For over a decade, the semantic web has been held up as a beacon for creating the next generation of end-user experiences on the Web. The IKS Project has developed a tool set to finally make this a reality,” said IKS Community Manager John Pereira in a press release. “We are hoping that this competition will encourage anyone with experience in web development and app design to explore the very real potential of the semantic web, and we have a world-class team available to work with the winners to help realise their vision.”

All you have to do to enter is write a proposal outlining your idea and submit it by 14 October 2011. The contest page has the rules.

There is some significant investment up for grabs: €40,000 each for two winners to realise their proposals, and €10,000 each for three runners-up to bring their ideas up to a demo stage.