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Boost your skills with The Ultimate Guide to Web Design Volume 3

Look what's just arrived to brighten your dark autumn days! In The Ultimate Guide to Web Design Volume 3, you'll find the essential design and development knowledge you need to create amazing websites and set yourself apart from the competition.

Buy this special edition today!

Comprised of the best practical articles from net magazine – the voice of web design – this special edition has been written by some of the biggest names in the industry and includes a wealth of tutorials, tips and techniques.

Whatever you want to do on the web, we've got something here for you. Section 1 covers web essentials to help you find the right tools, launch a product, create a killer first impression and tackle a redesign project.

Section 2 dives deep into CSS and Sass, and Section 3 gets you started with responsive web design. Section 4 will see you hone your JavaScript skills, with tutorials on AngularJS, D3.js, real time and more. Finally, Section 5 covers WordPress and other excellent CMSs such as Squarespace, Ghost and Drupal.

So don't hang about: dive in and start sharpening your web design skills now. You'll find The Ultimate Guide to Web Design in all good UK newsagents, or you can buy it online.