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CUBRID takes on MySQL

CUBRID programming contest

You’ve just one week left to win an iPad 2!

The people behind open source relational database management system Cubrid are looking for more developers to get invoved in its project aiming to become an alternative to MySQL.

They’re currently trying to raise awareness with a competition that offers prizes including an iPad 2, two Kindles and two Nikon Coolpix S3100 Digital Cameras. Entrants have to find the best algorithm for a proposed SQL problem, which organisers expect to take around two hours. The contest will run until 22 Jun.

CUBRID already powers many popular web apps in Asia, including the the official web portal of the Asian Olympic Games in 2014. Cubrid’s Adrian Popa explain how the project came about: “The need of a new RDBMS with way better performances under conditions of very high data traffic arose when MySQL started to show its limitations beyond a certain point (ie over two million records),” he says. “In contrast, CUBRID has been designed as a highly optimised solution for web applications especially for the cases when complex web services process large amount of data and generate huge concurrent requests."

“We want to encourage everyone to join Cubrid's open source community where they can work on enhancing Cubrid, ask questions and discuss issues with other peers on our Cubrid Forum," adds Popa. An open list of projects that CUBRID currently proposes to the community can be found at