Dev to fix online presentations

Developer Faruk Ate has unveiled The Pitch. The background behind the project is that desktop presentation software is stagnant and increasingly at odds with online-oriented workflow.

We spoke to Ate to find out more about his project and how it aims to bring presentations into the present.

.net: What is it exactly you're trying to do here?
Ate: We're trying to re-imagine 'presentations' in a very big way. Rather than trying to replicate existing functionality from desktop software on the web, our aim is to redefine what the entire experience is like, start to finish: from the first moment a speaker sets out to craft a talk, all the way to the moment she shares it with an online audience and someone loads it up in their browser at home or work.

.net: How will what you're doing benefit people over using, say, Keynote?
Ate: For anyone who ever wants to share their presentation after they give their talk, we will offer obvious benefits in providing a much better sharing platform where the value of your talk is retained, rather than lost. But even for those who don't want to share, our interface will take a radically different approach to crafting your presentation, saving you time while making it a much better, more structured end-product.

.net: What happens on your product if someone lacks a web connection and needs to give a presentation?
Ate: We feel very strongly that you should own your own data, so there will be export options allowing you to save a presentation to your computer and present from there.

.net: What can people do to help?
Ate: Right now, people should just explore and, if it interests them, submit the form at the end. Especially if they'd like to be considered for the private beta.