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Discover WordPress 4.0's new features in the latest net magazine

The brand new WordPress 4.0 is a landmark release, and Eric Mann is excited about every single feature on the horizon. In this issue he has brought some focus to his breathless enthusiasm for what's to come and produced a list detailing what he thinks will be the most important new features. An enhanced plugin experience, better media management and powerful editor upgrades top the bill, and his article contains everything you need to get up to speed with the new developments.

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Elsewhere in the magazine, our experts discuss browser bugs, we look at killer onboarding techniques to turn your product signups into highly engaged users, and Martin Cooper interviews the Mike Monteiro.

In our projects section, Alex Newman demonstrates how to build native iOS apps with HTML and CSS using AppGyver's Steroids platform, Dave Myburgh show you how to create custom Google maps with Drupal and we look at productivity hacks with Sublime Text.

Also in this issue we have a free 30-day trial of Litmus, a tool that enables you to preview your email campaigns over 30+ clients and track recipient engagement.

On top of all that, we have our usual mix of inspirational new work, practical advice, informed analysis and thought-provoking comment.

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