Get a sneak peek at net magazine's new look!

The new look net magazine is available as a deluxe print title or fully interactive iPad app

The world's leading magazine for web designers and developers, .net magazine launched back in 1994, when it promised to "make sense of the information superhighway". It's seen many changes over the years, and now it’s time to change once more - with a brand new redesign and a new name!

Okay, it's not a dramatically different name - it's dropped the 'dot', to become simply 'net magazine', ending to the confusion with Microsoft’s .NET framework. More importantly, the redesign sees the magazine appear as a deluxe print edition on high quality paper, as well as a fully interactive iPad edition with exclusive audio and video content.

There'll be more insight and practical content than ever before

Introducing new sections and concentrating on what the mag does best, each edition will bring you more insight, inspiration and, most importantly, practical content than ever before. And you can see just how much has changed in this special preview.

The redesign issue of net magazine will hit the newsstands on 5 November, but you can guarantee getting a copy if you subscribe today. You'll get 3 issues for £5 (or $10 in the USA) if you subscribe to the print edition, while your first issue of the iPad edition is free of charge if you take out a no-risk 30-day trial.