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Mozilla revenue up 18%

A frame from Mozilla's rousing video

A frame from Mozilla's rousing video

Total revenue for Mozilla in 2010 was $123million, up approximately 18 percent, according to the newly released State of Mozilla report.

The browser giant’s revenue is generated mostly by partering with the major search engines for the search functionality in Firefox, as well as donations and grants.

The report also summarises recent activities and outlines how they align with the Mozilla mission of openness, innovation, and opportunity.

It's been quite a big year for Mozilla: Firefox development has moved to an accelerated release cycle, and it has developed the Do Not Track feature, which received strong industry support and has been implemented in Safari and Internet Explorer.

Some of Mozilla's lesser known but very interesting projects are also flagged up. Significant progress has been made this year with Mozilla's Open Web Apps ecosystem, which is a project that helps people to build web apps with exciting features — such as the capability to make different sites interact and share data with each other.

Identity is a core concern at Mozilla, and the report highlights progress made with BrowserID, "a secure, decentralized, open source, cross-browser way to sign onto websites using your email address".

There's also a mention of WebFWD, Mozilla's incubator program for start-ups that share Mozilla's values.