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Red Bull maps the history of UK club culture online

Red Bull's Revolutions In Sound site is beautifully designed by Stinkdigital to create a place where people can reminisce about the 90s club scene, and where current and new clubbers can discover music and club nights.

The project uses some interesting tech. "The biggest innovation in the project was the multiple data sources being automatically merged to be rendered in a hybrid canvas and DOM structure," says Thomas Alisi, Stinkdigital solutions architect.

The build includes cross-referencing APIs from Discogs, LastFM, SoundCloud, Freebase, Google+, using a custom built CMS, AngularJS for the Model-View-Controller (MVC) implementation and Pixi.js with Box2D for the canvas visualisation area and the first ever use of the Google Picker API outside of Google+ - all designed in a device agnostic manner. Even though it's using some crazy technology, those browsers that don't support JavaScript, or CSS3, can still get a "thematically consistent experience".

Words: Ros Horner

This article originally appeared in net magazine issue 250