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RWD webinar available now

Last week we partnered with Ektron and Realise Digital to provide a free webinar on responsive web design and mobile-first methodology. Quite a lot of you tuned in and others have been asking for an archived version so we're providing this link to the content for watching when it suits you.

The webinar discusses the strategic considerations, technology required and best practices for building a responsive site, as well as the role that content management systems play in this picture. You'll also learn about Luke Wroblewski's 'mobile first' ideology, which teaches that the design process should begin with the mobile site.

It's led by Bill Cava, chief evangelist at content management specialists Ektron, and will include contributions from Jon Binnie, a technical delivery manager at Realise Digital, and Jon Muir, senior web/tech developer also at Realise Digital.

Click here for instant access.