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Skrivr makes beautiful typography easy

Skrivr makes beautiful typography easy

"No need to wait for browser development to catch up"

Skrivr is a tool that takes the hard work out of beautiful web typography. Headlines and drop-caps are automatically tweaked to suit the screen being used to view your site, and advanced typographic features such as true small caps, ligatures and intelligent hyphening are all put to use.

Skrivr is brought to you by designer Andreas Carlsson and UX man Jaan Orvet.
"Skrivr was born out of a need for a simpler way to publish content online,” Carlsson told us.

"Both Jaan and I love writing but we dreaded the moment when we were about to publish, simply because it's switching from expressing to enduring. You know, launch the browser, login to a cluttered admin interface, paste the finely crafted text into disjointed textfields, tag it, categorise it, choose sections, check to make sure the paragraphs haven't broken, switch views again... It's ridiculous. All of that just to get words online.

"We wanted to remove that part of the publishing chain. We wanted a way to publish from whatever writing app and device we had on hand, be it Writer on the MacBook Air, Notepad on a PC or PlainText on the iPad. And we wanted there to be zero admin. To us it made perfect sense that the moment you hit 'save' the text should be published. That's why we built Skrivr.

"With Skrivr you write your articles as simple text files using Markdown. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that lets you add formatting in an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format. The text file is then synced to your Skrivr powered site via Dropbox and automatically converted to structurally valid XHTML or HTML.

"This gives you a completely interface free, no admin, zero fiddly CMS with nothing between you and your words getting published. You write. You save. It's published."

You can read some more detailed information here: