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How to design for the multi-device future

Designing for the vast array of phones and tablets that have emerged over the last few years has proved challenging enough, but now there’s a new category of device to consider.

Over the last 18 months we’ve seen an explosion in the number and variety of connected devices, such as wearable technology like the Fitbit, which tracks physical activity, home control like the Nest thermostat and smoke alarm, and even toys that read messages from you to your children.

These new types of devices bring new design challenges that require fresh thinking, so the Global Society for Digital Marketing Innovators (SoDA) has arranged to get some of the best minds in the business together to discuss the opportunities that this new age of connectedness presents.

Audience participation

Confirmed speakers so far include Michael Lebowitz, Founder and CEO of Big Spaceship, Adobe Systems engineering manager Christian Cantrell and Harley Block of Rokkan. In a session that encourages audience participation and includes a panel discussion, the group will explore how these new technologies can be used to create meaningful experiences that will improve our lives.

The purpose of wearable technologies has so far been focussed mainly around the realm health and fitness, but there are other promising uses for these devices that will be discussed. The most recent SoDA report, which is one of the most widely read trend publications, will also be unveiled during the event

You can sign up for this SoDA session here. It takes place at the Art Directors Club in New York, starting at 9.30am on 24 April.

Tanya Combrinck is digital editor on net magazine.