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Typefaces made from the handwriting of the homeless

The Arrels Foundation has unveiled a collection of fonts made from the handwriting of people who live on the streets. These distinctive handwriting fonts are being marketed to big brands in the hope that they will be purchased and used for packaging, advertising and other materials. The proceeds will go towards the foundation's projects to support homeless people in Barcelona.

Each font is named after its creator, and the website contains a video of each person telling their story and conveying their experience of homelessness. "The only word I've found that really [describes] the street is horror, absolute horror," says one participant. The video on the homepage shows another participant, Loraine, browsing bottles of olive oil from Valonga, a Spanish company that has used her font for its packaging.

The typefaces can be downloaded under a personal licence (€19), or for professional use (€290).

Tanya Combrinck is digital editor on net magazine.