12 digital drawing exercises video is one of YouTube's hidden treasures

There's sometimes nothing quite so daunting as a blank canvas, especially if you're new to the world of digital art. So we were super-excited to come across this incredible drawing exercises video from artist Floortje Visser.

The 11-minute video is divided in to easy-to-find sections designed to help artists improve their drawing skills. Don't miss our round up on the best drawing apps for iPad to help get you started.

The video breaks down each exercise, with Flo demonstrating exactly how to do each. There's everything from hatching to help your hand/eye co-ordination and circles within circles, to parallel lines, mirror images and colour matching. Here's a handy video timeline breakdown of each exercise: 

  • 1 – Hatching (0:29)
  • 2 – Circles (0:55)
  • 3 – Circles, again. But a little bit harder (1:29)
  • 4 – Parallel lines (2:27)
  • 5 –  Copy shapes (3:12)
  • 6 – Mirror image (3:37)
  • 7 – Sketching skils (4:26)
  • 8 – Copying angles (5:43)
  • 9 – Simple character drawings (6:21)
  • 10 – Pressure control (7:21)
  • 11 –  Values (8:49) 
  • 12 – Colour matching (10:00)

The Art with Flo YouTube channel has a plethora of amazing tutorials, particularly in the art of Procreate. But this one has got to be one of the most popular, with over 1,300 comments, many of them following the same dialogue as user Aniket Patel: "This is really good and exactly what I needed as a beginner. I've doing these for just about a week and can already see some progress. Thank you very much for this."

Another, Kris C said: "I have used these techniques over the past 25 years to help open my hand muscles up and also to help me fill void space in my art journal."

We don't know about you, but if hatching in particular is as relaxing as it looks, we'll be pencilling in (see what we did there?) some time for that today. 

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