Australian logo ditched after going viral for all the wrong reasons

Australian Made logo
The current logo (left) vs. the alleged new version (right) (Image credit: Australian Made/Future Owns)

Some rebrands are successful, some less successful, and some are just plain baffling. Australian Made's new logo certainly fell into the latter category last month, replacing its beloved kangaroo with something that looked a lot more sinister. Thankfully, the viral redesign has now officially been canned. 

The Australian Made mark is designed to signify products that are, you guessed it, Australian made. According to its website, the logo is "the mark of Aussie authenticity". But as many pointed out online, the new version looked remarkably like a virus. Not quite where we'd look for logo design inspiration – especially in 2020. 

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Believe it or not, the new design wasn't actually supposed to look like a virus. According to ABC, it was meant to represent the golden wattle, Australia's native flower that appears on the Commonwealth Coat of Arms. That makes more sense – although with the sheer amount of virus imagery doing the rounds this year, we can't believe Australian Made didn't make the connection.

According to The Australian, the updated logo, designed by marketing agency BBDO Sydney, will now be replaced with a different take on the wattle. Trade Minister Simon Birmingham says the design was completed last year, long before the 'c' word became quite so ubiquitous. “Obviously COVID means there’s a need to have a look at that piece of work – particularly the logo element – given some of the associations people were drawing,” he said.

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Fortunately, the abandoned logo didn't actually represent a blanket rebrand for Australian Made. The company took to Twitter (above) to announce that the kangaroo wasn't disappearing – the new logo was only planned be adopted by businesses and government agencies. 

Now that the viral wattle has officially been ditched, exactly what logo said business and agencies will eventually end up with remains to be seen. But if said experts are looking for inspiration that's slightly less, er, biological, they could do well to check out our best logos of all time. 

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Daniel John
Senior News Editor

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