I'm loving the new BBC Earth logos

New BBC Earth logo in green, featuring jungle foliage inside of a blurred lens
(Image credit: BBC Studios Creative)

BBC Earth has unveiled a new logo that celebrates the company's awe-inspiring productions, framing them as a 'Window to the World'. The new designs feature a number of stills and moving assets from various productions such as The Blue Planet II and Frozen Planet II, showcasing the immersive detail of its groundbreaking productions.

With the release of Planet Earth III later this year, it feels like the perfect time for a logo refresh ahead of Attenborough's final documentary for the well-loved series. (If you'd like to get back to nature and capture your own beautiful shots, check out our guide to the best camera for wildlife photography).

BBC Earth logo redesign featuring a penguin and a school of colourful fish

Each logo celebrates a unique beauty of the natural world (Image credit: BBC Studios Creative)

Created by the BBC Studios Creative team, the refreshed logos create an immersive experience where viewers are transported into nature. Each design has a broad elemental feel, through the use of colour and content, featuring animals and environments from it's diverse documentary series. 

A blurred ring around each central image brings the subject into focus, zooming in on the dynamic images to signify the company's focus on the beauty of the natural world. The images burst forth from the confines of the central frame, creating an immersive 3D effect. 

BBC Earth logos featuring a meteor and an erupting volcano

It's not just animals, BBC Earth celebrates land and sky (Image credit: BBC Studios Creative)

“The core brand idea is a 'Window to the World'. A circular window that represents the Earth and the infinite wonder it has to offer," says BBC Studios Creative team director, Nick Meikle. "It is a visual mechanic that seeks to relentlessly discover immersive moments, bringing spectacular stories into the homes of our audience, creating an emotional connection to our planet, and connecting them to the world at large,” Miekle added. 

BBC Earth logo featuring a running tiger framed in a circular lens

This logo showcase the detail of the cinematography used in BBC Earth's documentaries  (Image credit: BBC Studios Creative )

As a huge fan of BBC Earth's documentaries, it's great to see the company showcasing some of its amazing content in these new logos. The designs seem to have a much more integrated feel, honing in on the stunning visual appeal of their productions, truly letting the visuals speak for themselves. 

If you're after some more natural serenity, check out these award-winning bird photos that are bound to brighten up your day. 

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