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#Bowsette heralds the fan art apocalypse

#Bowsette fan art

Is your Twitter feed is filling up with unexpected web comics portraying Bowser from Nintendo's Super Mario games as a princess? Are you at a loss as to why? Let us explain.

Sometimes the internet can delight us, sometimes it can terrify us, and on occasion it can do both at the same time. This trend definitely ticks the third box. Recently, Nintendo revealed that in the upcoming version of New Super Mario Bros. U for the Nintendo Switch, Toadette would have a special super crown that would transform her into Peachette, a Princess Peach lookalike.

Fair enough. But of course this is the internet, and it didn't take long for people to ask, well, would the super crown work on other characters?

Like, would it work on Bowser?

And so the latest runaway meme storm kicked off. Over the past few days, it seems that everyone has been imagining and drawing their own versions of Bowsette, an unexpectedly sexy princess version of Mario's chelonian arch-enemy. Some might say it's getting out of hand (you can always browse the Twitter hashtag for the full spectrum of artwork on offer).

Ignoring the overly pneumatic and lewd examples, though, there's been a lot of cracking fan art on show.

Mind you, it's not all over-the-top cleavage shots. Well, okay, it mostly is, but there have been some other fun takes on the concept.

Of course, why should Bowsette get all the fun? It was only a matter of time until eager artists started wondering what would happen if other Nintendo characters tried on the mushroom crown.

But let's not take this too far, yeah?

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