Buzz Lightyear's surprise new look sends fans into meltdown

A comparison between Buzz Lightyear with and without hair.
(Image credit: Pixar/Wikimedia Commons/Future)

Buzz Lightyear has become a familiar face for many since the first Toy Story movie was released back in 1995. But Buzz's new look for the upcoming Lightyear movie has caught fans completely off guard. 

The teaser trailer for the Pixar movie Lightyear was released yesterday and viewers can't get over one tiny detail: Buzz Lightyear's hair. That's right, our favourite space cadet has a full head of locks in his origin story movie. We aren't sure why we've never thought about Buzz Lightyear having hair, but after seeing the trailer we can't stop thinking about it. Fancy creating your own Pixar-style character? Make sure you check out our top tips on character design.

The teaser trailer gives us an exclusive look into Buzz's origin story, as well as breathtaking animations that lightyears ahead of the competition (see what we did there?). The intergalactic movie is set to be released during summer 2022, and with Chris Evans voicing Buzz and Pixar's unmatched ability to create magical movies, we think we are in for a real treat. 

Buzz's new hair is quite disorientating, especially when some of us have grown up looking at his purple space cap, but we can appreciate that the animations have improved significantly since the first Toy Story. It looks as though Buzz's realistic makeover is because this movie is based on a human Lightyear, who goes on to inspire the toy that's in the Toy Story movies. The Lightyear trailer looks more like an animated Interstellar than a cartoon movie for kids. We can't get over how aesthetically beautiful this movie looks, and we are loving the very tonal palette. 

A still from the Lightyear trailer.

We can't get over how aesthetically pleasing this movie looks (Image credit: Pixar)

We aren't the only ones finding Buzz Lightyear's new look a little bewildering, as many took to Twitter to respond to the teaser trailer. One user tweeted, "Buzz Lightyear has hair and I feel like I’ve been lied to my whole life lol." and another asked, "Buzz Lightyear didn't have purple hair?". One user even pointed out that Buzz looks like Joe from Family Guy, and we can definitely see the resemblance. 

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Even though we have to wait until summer 2022 to see the new Lightyear film, we can't help but feel excited about it. If you've watched the teaser trailer and fancy digging into the entire Toy Story franchise (we certainly do), then make sure you check out our guide on how to sign up for Disney Plus so you can binge-watch as much Pixar as you like. 

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