This awesome hand-drawn logo changes every time you see it

A gif of the changing GBA logo
(Image credit: Guilty by Association/Talia Cotton)

Logos are one of the most important elements of your brand as they're the face of the company. A good logo is normally plastered all over a brand's products or services so people can recognise it. But what happens when you choose a design that changes every time you look at it?

Online lifestyle brand Guilty By Association (or GBA) has released its brand new logo... or should I say logos? The new design uses an algorithm to randomly render different logos every time you refresh the GBA website, meaning that you never see the same GBA logo twice. If you're hoping to create your very own innovative logo, then make sure you check out our guide on how to design a logo.

A screenshot of the GBA website

This logo is one in infinity (Image credit: GBA)

The logos were designed by designer and coder, Talia Cotton. The logo's code creates an infinite amount of logos, which supposedly represents the "limitless variety of artists supported by GBA," according to FastingCompany. Cotton explains, "It’s a hand-drawn logo, but it’s infinite. It represents all hand drawings ever". 

Along with the logo, Cotton has created a tool that'll allow you to create your very own GBA logo. You can adjust the quantity, misalignment, weight, weight variation, colour and style to experiment with the GBA logo design. After playing around for a little while, I discovered that the designs vary from thin scribbles layered on top of each other to thick, heavy fonts that are barely legible. 

A number of the GBA logos

There are a limitless number of GBA logo variations (Image credit: GBA)

I love the idea that you'll never see the same logo twice. And while all the designs are different, Cotton manages to maintain a cohesive look between them all. I particularly like the logos that make use of the bold primary colours, and it would be cool to think that no two pieces of packaging or promotional material will feature the same logo.

I'm off to spend my afternoon playing with the GBA logo generator tool. If you'd rather spend your time being productive and would like to have a go at creating your own code, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best coding courses

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