Epic ocean visualisation is strangely addictive

Visualisation - The Deep Sea
(Image credit: neal.fun)

Creative coder Neal Agarwal is on a mission to make the web fun, and his latest project, The Deep Sea, is an interactive visualisation of the ocean that is not only inspirational, but educational and strangely addictive. Once we started, we simply couldn't stop scrolling. (Here's a few data visualisation tools to help create your own design, or some CSS animation examples if you want to take things to the next level.)

The beauty of The Deep Sea lies in its simplicity. It's an old-school single page scroller, nothing too complicated in the design aesthetic. There's a gradient
that slowly gets darker the deeper you go, floating plankton and sea debris to add a touch of realism, and overlaid images of creatures interspersed with fascinating facts. 

For instance, did you know that the Japanese Spider Crab is the largest known crab with a maximum leg span of 3.8m and lives around 650 metres down in what is known as the Twilight Zone? Or that the deepest part of the ocean is 11,000 metres down? That's nearly seven miles!

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Steven Jenkins is a freelance content creator who has worked in the creative industry for over 20 years. The web and design are in his blood. He started out as a web designer before becoming the editor of Web Designer magazine and later net magazine. Loud guitars, AFC Bournemouth, Photoshop, CSS, and trying to save the world take up the rest of this time.