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Free! PluralSight Maya rigging course

Download the Maya VFX tips and tricks video course

In this course, Quick and Dirty VFX Tips in Maya, you will learn production-proven techniques for creating impressive visual effects in Maya, including creating smoke, flames, melting wax, and more. 

The training will show you how to use familiar Maya tools and techniques in new ways to create unique visual effects. Whether you’re new to Maya or a Maya pro, you’re sure to pick up some interesting tips and techniques from Floyd Bishop’s training. 

For this tutorial course you will need Maya 2016 and After Effects. 

Download your files here (345MB)

Download video 1 here (28MB)

Download video 2 here (55MB)

Download video 3 here (176MB)

Download video 4 here (169MB)

Download video 5 here (100MB)

Download video 6 here (216MB)

Download video 7 here (197MB)

Download video 8 here (183MB)

Download video 9 here (135MB)

Download video 10 here (135MB)

Download video 11 here (190MB)

Download video 12 here (232MB)

Download video 13 here (168MB)

Download video 14 here (186MB)

Artist Showcase: Various

Download the addition process art

Download extra images, art and step-by-step tutorials for this issue's reader showcase projects.

Download your files here (70MB)

Feature: Making Mos Eisley

Take a walk around Mos Eisley

Artists from Obsidian Entertainment recreated the famous Hanger 94 from Star Wars A New Hope, including the Millennium Falcon, inside Unreal Engine 4. Download their step-by-step images to see their menu settings, plus get the UE4 files to walk through Mos Eisley.

Download your files here (1.9GB)

Download the Unreal Engine 4 files here (7.9GB)

Feature: Star Wars kit-bashing techniques

Master 3ds Max kit-bashing techniques

Ansel Hsiao shares his process to add hull panels and details to a Star Wars themed spaceship using 3ds Max. Download his step-by-step images.

Download your files here (122MB)

Tutorial: Master the ZBrush concept pipeline

Concept and sculpt Darth Vader

Riyahd Cassiem shares his process for creating this Darth Vader illustration using 3D and 2D techniques. Download the step-by-step images to run with this tutorial.

Download your files here (73MB)

Tutorial: Texture a worn robot

Texture a damaged robot using Substance Painter

Andrew Entwistle shows you how to texture a Star Wars droid using Substance Painter. Download the step images, ZBrush model and video walkthrough to follow Andrew's training.

Download your files here (41MB)

Download your videos here (1.1GB)

Tutorial: Plant modelling for video games

Jacob Norris shares his workflow for creating realistic foliage for video game environments. Download the step-by-step images to follow Jacob's process.

Download your files here (174MB)

Tutorial: Master cinema 4D’s new Object Tracker

Joseph Herman reveals how to use the Object Tracking function to attach 3D geometry to a moving object in live action footage. Download Joseph's images, video footage and video walkthrough to follow his training.

Download your files here (962MB)

Download your videos here (1.2GB)

Tutorial: Create tileable textures in Blender

Master Blenders unique procedural topology system

Pierrick Picaut explains how to make better use of Blender’s Dynamic Topology system. Download the art, images and video walkthroughs to follow this tutorial.

Download your files here (299MB)

Download your videos here (164MB)

Artist Q&A

Various CG art problems solved, including rendering natural light

This month’s fixes include how to create see-through curtain materials, real-world lighting tips and how to render the gloss-black look of the new iPhone. Download the process images and video tutorials to follow the training.

Download your videos and files here (533MB)